Bentley 100 years

Bentley turned 100 years. The celebration in Moscow that was prepared by DEPARTÁMENT with DEPARTÁMENT / PR stretched out for two days and was held at the Museum of Russian Impressionism. It included an opening show with the participation of Konstantin Khabensky, a gala dinner and a demonstration of the GTC model itself. For the privileged guests, there was an opportunity to issue a pre-order for the BY631 model. Also for the guests were held private tours, where they could get acquainted with the museum exposition.


The car is a symbol of speed and movement, but Bentley is such a machine that makes it possible to focus on «here and now» and feel the current moment. The concept of the event was built around this idea. Khabensky played a role in the production, that combining theatrical art with an artistic installation, that was dedicated to the value of the moment. He read a hypnotic monologue in which he called all present to focus on "here and now." "I see you. You see me. Here, in this place. This is the moment, - said Khabensky, - and it's important that someone nearby us could remind us about that. As Bentley does it for a hundred years now, by linking the past and the future. ”


Next, all those who came were invited to dinner in honor of Walter Owen Bentley, who laid down the reason for this meeting a hundred years ago.