Yamal LNG
Shipment ceremony of the first part of liquid gas

The case was beyond the Arctic circle. In conditions of the record short days , we were organizing the great event with very hight standard service and interactive show-program for Russian and foreign participants .

Time passed and after realizing how much work were done by our client  , our team and our numerous partners , we can answer the question - how everything turned out . In this project were combined rare expertise and unique specializations , assembled a huge team and the best partners . In total in realization of the event 250 people were participated . Sila Sveta is the creation of the projection show, animated video “ The way of the gas”. BURO 3K is technical directing of the project . Interactive Lab — interactive installation with scanning the palms of the guests and the president . Dream Laser — illumination of the tank. 

The complexity of the project implementation was in the geography of the holding ceremony  , but all responsibility for ideal organization is  the significance of the event. Was needed only one month to built a complex of seven spherical tents , in arctic settlement were sent 16 cargo airliners with tons of scenery, screens, light setup, interactive equipment, furniture and everything necessary.

8 December - was the “X” day. The solemn ceremony of shipment of the first batch of liquefied gas from the Yamal SPG factory was accompanied by a fascinating world of interactive and projection show ( The footage was included in the plots of federal TV channels).

The  SPG tank appeared before guests and TV cameras against the background of a polar night in all projection beauty - with the help of 48 projectors it was styled for a well-known can of condensed milk, but already with "liquefied natural gas". About it (the tank) was a speech in the show on screen 360: first the film told about loading SPG into the tank, and then about its shipment to the tanker "Christophe de Margerie" ready for departure. The official start of this operation was given by the Russian President Vladimir Putin personally.

DEPARTÁMENT is grateful to NOVATEK and Yamal SPG for the invaluable experience that we have received: to organize a huge event beyond the Arctic Circle - before we never had such experience in the agency's practice . But now we have.