Since 2007, DEPARTÁMENT has been helping its clients — leading international brands and large Russian companies — win new audiences, stay one step ahead of competitors, and implement exciting projects. Every day we prove the effectiveness and significance of our work in four main areas: Creativity, Event, PR, Video Production.
George Lucas and Miuccia Prada have already found their names in the list of events we have organized. The star guests of the main events of the capital under the patronage of DEPARTÁMENT were also: Woody Allen, Jeff Koons, Snoop Dogg, Larry Gagosian, Victoria Modesta, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Paris Hilton, Karlie Kloss and Stella McCartney.
Among them: a space test-drive by Audi, a multimedia ballet performance by BMW at the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, the first solo exhibition in Russia by the sculptor Anish Kapur, the launch of the Moscow Four Seasons Hotel, the presentation of the new building of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, better known as # opening of the year, a large-scale installation of MINI Clubman at MAMM, an anniversary exposition at the Hockey Museum on the eve of the 2016 World Cup.
Our philosophy fits in a nutshell, because in reality everything is simple: we are interested in finding new solutions and embodying our plans in such a way that it will take your breath away. Just doing our job well is no longer enough - we set ourselves super-tasks, test the company's capabilities to the maximum, become a super-self. It is important for us to infect others with our example and leave behind something really beautiful, smart, inspiring. Yes, we are seriously determined to change the world. Of course, for the better.
We occupy the first lines of the AdIndex event rating in sections related to innovation and efficiency
of successful work with leading Russian companies and well-known international brands
According to the results of 2016, we entered the TOP-20 best agencies in Russia in the Marketing Services rating according to ACAR
event companies are annually ranked by the American magazine Special Events - in 2016 we hit the lines of the world hit parade.
and professional awards in the field of advertising, marketing and PR for projects that are truly significant for the Russian industry.
профессионалов своего дела работают в нашем агентстве. Стратеги, тренд-аналитики, пиар-специалисты, продюсеры, копирайтеры, дизайнеры... Все как один — перфекционисты и трудоголики. Так что номинацию «Команда года-2015» по версии журнала Interview Russia мы тоже приняли с благодарностью и без стеснения.